Hey there!

I'm Arnis. @ampatspell on internets. I write web applications with Ember.js and Firebase. I also tutor, consult people on how to write better Ember.js and Firebase apps. And I take pictures.

  • Upwork – I freelance there
  • Github – I publish apps and ember addons there
  • Blog – I sometimes publish a picture or two there

Current personal projects:

  • bain × – Create sketches, print them on your receipt printer or send it to other bain users

Open-source projects and libraries:

  • ember-cli-zuglet – Ember.js addon for Firebase (Firestore, Auth, Storage, …)
  • ember-cli-sketch – HTML-based design editor addon for Ember.js
  • index65 – Scanned negatives publishing app (Ember.js, Firebase and ember-cli-zuglet)
  • ember-cli-remark-static – Ember.js addon for rendering static markdown with components

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